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What is “Depression”?

Depression, sometimes referred to as a “depressive order,” is a common but serious illness. It is more than just the blues or being down in the dumps. Depression affect’s the mind and body. It also impacts all aspects of everyday life, sleeping, eating, working, one’s self esteem, and relationships of friends and family. Depression is a highly treatable disease.

Understanding Depression

Depression can happen to anyone and should be treated like any other serious medical condition. Everyone at some point in their daily life feels sad or blue, but these feelings usually pass within a few days. For those who truly are depressed, these feelings interfere with their daily life.

There are many factors as to what may cause depression. This website has been created to help you have a better understanding of depression and how to take back control of your life.

Depression does not have a quick fix, but understanding what causes it is the first step.

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